Universal baking tray cleaning machines


Innovative machine design

Quick off the blocks: Belt is an universal
baking tray cleaning machine in the best of
moulds, as it has been designed to ensure
efficient cleaning of large quantities of
moulded baking trays. With cleaning
performance of around 1,200 trays per hour,
it proves highly effective in removing flour,
sesame, poppy seed and dough remnants.



The basic version, which is manually fed,
consists of a cleaning and conveyor unit.
The Belt is also particularly suited for
installing in bakery production lines in the
form of an automated system that is custom
designed and tailored to your exact needs.
The machines are manufactured from
high-quality materials such as



stainless steel,aluminium and superior
plastics, and they meet European hygiene
standards. As an option, a pre-cleaning unit
with a circular brush can be added. This is
intended especially for badly caked-on
residues on baking trays without edges or with 2 edges.

Compelling arguments

• Just right for baking production lines
• Latest cleaning technology
• Developed mainly with moulded
   baking trays in mind
• For coated and uncoated trays
• Easy to use, low-maintenance
   and failsafe
• Intended specially for big cleaning jobs
• Complies with current
   hygiene standards
• Simple and easy cleaning
   of the machine

Proven uses

• Industrial system trays  
• Baguette trays with
   and without edges
• Burger trays, 3-
   and 4-edge trays
• For perforated and imperforated trays
• With silicon or Teflon,
   as well as uncoated
• Standard width 800 mm
• Special sizes available
   up to 3,000 mm

Efficient cleaning technology

•  Innovative belt brushes closely  
   adhere to the tray contours
• The belt brushes rotate in contrary motion
   giving giving extremely thorough cleaning
   of recesses and indentations
• Coated trays are not susceptible to
• Unique cleaning result
   thanks to six individual brushes
• Excellent brush service life
• Excellent cleaning performance
   of approx. 1,200 trays per hour