Release agent applicators


Innovative machine design

Well oiled: In developing our Oiler, we have
paid particular attention to ensuring
application of the agent is economic and
even. Like all our machines, it meets
European hygiene standards, thanks
to its high-quality manufacture using



stainless steel, aluminium and plastic.
In practice, it is often connected to the Belt
special tray cleaning machine. This means
that the release agent can be applied
directly after the trays have been cleaned.



The Oiler is just as popular as a component
of a customised automatic system in a
bakery production line as when used as a
stand-alone machine prior to loading trays
with items due for baking.



Compelling arguments

• Very economic on release agent
• Precise dosage of application quantity
• Film evenly distributed over the entire
• For all conventional release
   agents and cutting oils
• Easy to use, low-maintenance
   and easy to clean
• Low operating costs
• Complies with current hygiene standards

Proven uses

• Baking and moulded trays,
   trays for ladyfingers  
• For all release agents and cutting oils
   in a fluid and medium viscosity range
• Standard width 800 mm
• Special sizes available up to 3,000 mm




Efficient release agent application

• With Airmix nozzles specially adapted
   for the food industry  
• Oil quantity can be accurately set via
   adjusting screws between 1 and 15
• Virtually no spray mist,
   additional protective hood
• Sensors to regulate start and end of
• Detachable residual oil tray
• High throughput of approx. 1,200 trays
   per hour