Industry baking tray cleaning machine

for 2-edge trays


Efficient cleaning in industrial measure

New engineered: The robust industry baking
tray cleaning machine for 2-edge trays and
smooth trays. It is perfectly suited to
efficiently clean up to 1,200 trays per hour.
A really robust and durable construction
characterizes this industry capable machine.



The integrated, well adjustable disk
brushes adapt to the heavy labour by
the cleaning process. Hereinafter circular
brushes clean the optionally existing
perforation and the “problem areas”.
At last the remains were removed by a



special sweep brush. The tray transport
occurs careful with the help of brush-rollers.
The possibility to connect suitable
Oiler- or Powder-machines is given anytime.



Compelling arguments

• Just right for industry and craft
• Capable of being integrated
   in baking production lines
• Easy to use
• Complies with current
   hygiene standards
• Careful tray transport with
   the help of brush-rollers
• Simple and easy cleaning
   of the machine

Proven uses

• For uncoated 2-edge trays  
• For uncoated smooth trays
• Standard widths 600 (580),  
   800 (780), 1,000 (980) mm
• Special sizes are possible

Efficient cleaning technology

• Disk brush is responsible for powerful
• Circular brush completes cleaning
• A quick-change system for brushes
  enables perfect cleaning of the machines
• Robust and durable construction of the
   machine ensures an excellent cleaning