Cleaning accessories

Hygiene with the right program

Comprehensive hygienic cleaning programme from KOTI Kobra new in range

The wide range of brushes from KOTI Kobra has been included in the Precisma offering. The varied selection ranges from cleaning, scrub
or handheld brushes through food brushes, spatulas, hygiene squeegees and shovels through to oil, heat and acid-resistant sweepers.
Choosing the right cleaning aid saves time and money, while also making the workplace safer. As all items are in stock, delivery times are
also short. Precisma ensures the best cleaning results in every case.



The Hygiene Cleaning Program of KOTI KOBRA

• Is in full compliance with all European directives and regulations

    - Commission directive 93/43/EEC concerning
       the hygiene of foodstuffs
    - Commission directive 90/128/EEC relating to plastic materials
      and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs
    - Commission directive 97/48/EEC laying down the basic rules
       necessary for testing migration of the constituents of
       plastic materials and articles intended
       to come into contact with foodstuffs
    - German food directive
    - Title 21 - Code of the US Federal Regulations issued
       by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)
       on chemicals used in the food-industry
    - PHB Charta issued by the FEIBP,
       the European Brushware Federation

• Colour coding eases the segregation of your cleaning equipment.
   Eight strong colours (white, blue, red, yellow, green,
   black, orange, purple) in numerous food grade products
   help to prevent from cross contamination.

• Fits perfectly into particular HACCP concepts (Hazard Analysis
   Critical Control Points) and hereon basing IFS concepts
   (International Featured    Standard for private brand producers
   of foodstuffs).

• Suitable for autoclave treatment. High quality components
   guarantee a long lifetime and constant quality
    - Excellent heat and chemical resistance of brush bodies
      and filaments. Acid- and alkali-proof, high alloy steel and wires
    - Closed-cell polypropylene body material and PBT filaments
    - Solid hexagonal bolt screwed fastening of handles